Jewelry Care & Materials

Some of our most important values are durability and ethical consumerism. Being able to foster positive relationships between our customers and their jewelry is what we love, and a big part of that is making sure that all the materials are both sustainable and of the finest quality. 

Going through life with one of our pieces means you’re on a journey of friendship and discovery. Each piece has its own unique personality and story that unfolds the longer you wear it. 



All of our products are made with sterling silver, which is a combination of 92.5% silver plus copper and other materials.

In order to preserve the character and story of the pieces as they develop over time, we chose not to plate them with rhodium, an anti-tarnishing coating. We wanted to preserve the feeling of groundedness in our jewelry, and that comes with the knowledge that as you wear them, over time signs of wear will become visible.

Just like a beautiful piece of vintage, we believe that these signs of wear only add to the unique personality of each piece.



In order to extend your piece’s lifetime, we recommend that you wear it often. This is not just because it’s an awesome item, but because the natural oils in your skin actually coat the jewelry and prevent the oxidation process from happening.

When there is a risk of coming into contact with corrosive materials (excessive sweat, cleaning supplies, chlorine pools, etc.), we recommend removing the jewelry. Perfume, hair spray, and more can accelerate the tarnishing process. That’s why we also recommend putting your jewelry on last and taking it off first.

And while it’s not an absolute necessity, wiping the pieces down from time to time will add to their longevity.



To clean, we recommend using mild natural soap and water. Simply polish the area and dry with a cotton or microfiber cloth for best results. Regular cleaning is encouraged to avoid the build-up of tarnish.

Keep in mind that the indented (dark) parts of the jewelry are intentionally oxidized for contrast. Be mindful during cleaning that you do not polish these areas away.



Store in an air-tight container in a cool and dark place, preferably separate from other jewelry to avoid tangling.