Artist Submissions

We’re on the hunt for budding artists and creative souls! As an ongoing part of our project, it warms our heart to be able to collaborate with different artists and to be able to give new artists a platform and an audience. If you’re a fan of our project and you’re interested in drawing and/or graphic design, keep reading.


The art

The concept is a mixture between ours and yours. We provide you with a photo torn in half featuring a model wearing our jewelry. The other half is entirely up to you. Go wild! Once you’ve finished your piece, we’ll post it on our page along with your username.


Submission guidelines:

  • We generally have a preference for new and budding artists with less than 10k followers. If you have more than that, however, don’t be discouraged! We accept and publish work from everyone
  • Please stick to Instagram’s rules and guidelines. All art must be PG and age-appropriate (13+)! Content that is incompatible with our audience won’t be published


Fine print

By submitting your work, you agree that you reserve the rights to your own artwork but that you will not use it for commercial purposes. We receive the rights to publish your art on our social media pages.